"Mosaic" is a word that well describes Pastor Vickie Wong's philosophy of life.

Vickie was born and raised in Hong Kong, then her family immigrated to Canada. She attended the University of Alberta in Edmonton. Graduating with Bachelor degrees in Education and Mathematics, she became a school teacher. At the same time, Vickie spent most of her energy and passion in finding the meaning of life as an active and practicing Christian.

For a number of years, she travelled and lived in Taipei, Vancouver and Waterloo respectively to study theology. In 2004, Vickie was ordained as a Lutheran pastor. She was then a full-time associate pastor in a local Vancouver church and continues to be a member in good standing with the BC Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada.

wedding couple by coal harbour

While Vickie has the pleasure of marrying couples, she is also passionate about preaching. She loves spending time with her husband, family & friends as well as fine dining, travelling, keeping up on current affairs and life around her.

Vancouver is the perfect city in Canada for her because this is where the "East meets the West", a mosaic of culture at its best. She is completely at home in this beautiful west coast city.

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