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Wedding Planner's Importance

happy coupleHere is a very good and detailed explanation of the wedding planner's importance and value to making your wedding day a memorable experience!

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Plan For The Weather!

weatherman-clipart-k12923544If you are having your wedding outside, make sure you have a plan how to deal with the weather!

If summer, position your bridal party (and the officiant!) as well as the guests to avoid direct exposure to sunlight. It may be great for taking photos and videos, but could be too bright and sweltering hot, especially for the bride and groom. A canopy over the bridal party is a good idea. For the guests, some people use small "parasols" (not large umbrellas that blocks audience viewing and picture taking).

If a chance of rain, have a backup plan to hold the ceremony under cover (under a canopy or inside).

If it's going to snow, then you will probably have to do the wedding inside, like this!

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Gowns For The Occasion

bridesmaid-dress-clipartMany brides and bridesmaids should check the length of their gowns so they can walk down the aisle without tripping!

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