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At POPSUGAR, wedding season is all year round. Whether you’re a bride, bridesmaid, bachelorette, or guest, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find engagement stories, planning checklists, unique menu choices, music playlists, guest dress code tips, honeymoon inspiration, and so much more. Stick with us and make that special day one to remember.

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Ceremony Start Time

startIf you are aware that guests will likely be late, then make sure on the invitation says 15 minutes earlier than the actual ceremony start time.

When guests are late and if you delay the starting time, then there may be less time afterwards for photos, etc.

For example, if you want to begin your ceremony at 2:00 PM, then put on your wedding invitation for 1:45 PM.

Making it 30 minutes earlier may sound better, but you do not want people standing outside if the doors are locked!

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Intimate Weddings with Dining Facilities

wedding banquet tabke 499x345For an initimate wedding with dining facilities, here are ten 2018 recommendations:

  1. Brix & Mortar
  2. Blue Water Cafe
  3. Brock House
  4. Harthouse Restauarant
  5. Kirin Starlight
  6. Seasons In The Park
  7. Stanley Park Pavilion
  8. Teahouse At Stanley Park
  9. Shangri-La Hotel
  10. The Beach House

 Be sure to check out these local dining facilities in Wedding Venues.

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Vows to Remember

notebook-pencil-eraser-vector-clipart k8413825For couples writing personal vows, how long and how much to say on their special day has no limits. This is the time to express your love and commitment to your beloved. For family, friends and guests at your wedding ceremony, those vows should be ones to share and to be remembered.

Make your writing process more enjoyable while afterwards leaving some heartfelt memories with the audience, the couple may want to consider these tips on vows:

  • In a few sentences, talk about your love and promises made and offered to your spouse.
  • Write about one thing that you will always remember between the two of you.
  • Keep thoughts concise and within a page of writing, typically within 500 words.
  • Writing long stories may be interesting but you want to keep the audience involved.
  • You can expand on vows with more thoughts, if there is a reception speech afterwards.

For those who do not want to write their own vows, Pastor Vickie has examples for use…

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About Rooftop Weddings

Some venues offer the opportunity to have the wedding conducted on the rooftop of buildings. Great as it is, there could be noise from nearby air conditioning equipment as well as street traffic. Surrounding buildings can cast large shadows that doesn't make for good photos and videos.
Also, be sure position your bridal party as well as the guests out of direct exposure to sunlight for too long. It may be great for taking photos and videos, but could be too bright and sweltering hot, especially for the bride and groom.

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