64. Couple married June 29, 2019

Marriage Officiant Rating: 4/4

Q: Your Wedding experience with Pastor Vickie?

A: Thank you, Pastor Vickie Wong.

We hired Vickie for a civil ceremony where I wanted to surprise my older relatives and parents with a service in both English and Cantonese. (Vickie is also fluent in Mandarin). She read a paragraph in English then a paragraph in Cantonese. It made it easy for everyone to understand.

Vickie was very punctual, very personable and very friendly. Our venue in North Vancouver on a Saturday made many of our guests late because of traffic. Yet Vickie managed to arrive early.

She got along well with my MC, which was important to me, because they had to work closely together.

We didn't do a rehearsal as we didn’t feel it was necessary. We only met Vickie the day of the event and everything went smoothly, as briefly  before the ceremony, she explained the whole process to us very clearly.

I would totally recommend her!